In humans, meta-toluic acid increased nasal secretion and affected the taste buds. Ortho-toluic acid induced local reactions indicative of skin sensitization in man; cross-sensitization to para– and meta-toluic acids was evident. meta-Toluic acid was a skin irritant to mice, rats and guinea-pigs and an eye irritant to rabbits. The toluic acid isomers were of low to moderate acute oral toxicity to rats, mice and rabbits. In mice, administration of meta-toluic acid by stomach tube affected the central nervous system and caused stomach damage. Repeated oral administration of meta-toluic acid to rats altered blood cell parameters. Multiple inhalation exposures of meta-toluic acid increased nasal secretions and induced salivation in mice.

Date of Publication: 1990

Number of Pages: 3

CAS Number*: 25567-10-6




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