1-Tridecanol was a skin irritant in rabbits. Branched chain primary isomers of tridecanol, in liquid form, irritated the skin and eyes of rabbits, and the vapour irritated the eyes and respiratory tract of rodents. There was no evidence of skin sensitization in guinea-pigs. Acute oral and dermal toxicity in rats or rabbits was low. Depression of the central nervous system was seen in rats following a single oral dose. Repeated oral doses for a short period had no obvious toxic effect on the liver of rats.

No relevant data on reproductive or genotoxic effects have been found for tridecanols. There is some evidence that a number of straight chain alcohols with a similar chain length promote or accelerate the development of skin tumours in mice.

Date of Publication: 1988

Number of Pages: 4

CAS Number*: 112-70-9


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