Ahead of the peer-review meeting in October, and as part of the process to determine if these substances should be listed in the RoC, the NTP has released draft monographs assessing the carcinogenic potential of ortho-toluidine and PCP. The RoC lists substances that are either known, or may reasonably be anticipated, to be human carcinogens, and to which a significant number of people are exposed. In both cases, a conclusion of “known to be a human carcinogen” was reached, based on credible epidemiological evidence of a causal link with cancer, sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in laboratory animals and “mechanistic data demonstrating biological plausibility in humans”. Data on other toxicological endpoints and human exposure are also included.

US National Toxicology Program.

Draft Report on Carcinogens: Monograph for ortho-toluidine. 28 August 2013.


Draft Report on Carcinogens: Monograph for pentachlorophenol. 28 August 2013.



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