A strategy to reduce the incidence of occupational allergy has been published by the Health Council of the Netherlands. The Council regards allergic sensitization as the “critical effect” where allergic respiratory disorders are concerned, and has therefore sought to identify the best approach for calculating toxicology-based occupational exposure limits (OELs) for inhaled allergens. However, in the absence of readily determinable threshold levels for most allergens, reference values (concentrations that correspond to predefined accepted levels of risk of allergic sensitization) have been proposed as a basis for assessing OELs. Periodic screening of the workforce to detect sensitized individuals is also recommended.

[Health Council of the Netherlands (Gezondheidsraad). Prevention of work-related airway allergies. Recommended occupational exposure limits and periodic screening. Publication No. 2008/03E, 13 March 2008 ).] {180033}

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