On 11 March, the 2013 marketing ban indicated in the Cosmetics Directive/Regulation entered into force, completing a 20-year phase-out of animal testing for cosmetic safety assessments. As a result, new animal data cannot be generated specifically for the safety assessment of cosmetics, or cosmetics ingredients, to be marketed in Europe [for the “complex” endpoints: repeated-dose systemic toxicity, skin sensitisation, carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity and toxicokinetics; tests on the simpler endpoints have been banned since 2009]. The Commission aims to ensure full implementation of this ban, while continuing its support for the development and validation of alternative (non-animal) test methods.

European Commission. Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council on the animal testing and marketing ban and on the state of play in relation to alternative methods in the field of cosmetics. COM(2013) 135 final. 11 March 2013.


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