Exposure Modelling

To accurately evaluate the risk from a chemical it is necessary to have some knowledge of the likely exposure to humans – whether they are workers in a chemical plant, consumers using a cosmetic product, professionals applying a biocide or plant protection product, or bystanders inadvertently exposed to them. Indeed, exposure assessment is a requirement of many regulatory frameworks currently in force – such as REACH or the Biocidal Products Regulation. But without extensive – and expensive – empirical exposure measurements, how can you proceed?

Our team of toxicologists are familiar with the wide range of models currently available for estimating human exposure to chemicals, and have experience in using many, including BEAT, ConsExpo, CHESAR, the EC Technical Notes for Guidance (TNsG) and Human Exposure Expert Group (HEEG) opinions. We can help you to construct an appropriate scenario for your chemical of interest and carry out a standalone estimation of potential human exposure. We can also incorporate exposure estimation into a full risk assessment, or provide the exposure modelling and risk characterisation parts of a REACH (or other) regulatory registration dossier.


Exposure Assessment Report

  • Advise on the most appropriate model or surrogate for your chemical or product of interest
  • Build a detailed use scenario incorporating parts of several models or using general principles
  • Prepare an exposure estimation and prepare a standalone exposure assessment report
  • Incorporate an exposure estimation into a full risk assessment of a compound or product
  • Carry out the exposure assessment and risk characterisation parts of a REACH, Biocidal Product or Plant Protection Product registration


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