Classification of the foetal abnormalities seen in developmental toxicity tests on laboratory animals is necessarily descriptive, and there are often areas of disagreement and uncertainty over precise terminology. To tackle this problem, a series of Berlin workshops was organised by the IPCS (International Programme on Chemical Safety), and this has now resulted in the publication of the findings from workshop 5 (held in 2005) in which an updated international glossary of terms was discussed, and workshop 6 (held in 2007) on the classification of abnormalities as either malformations or variations. It was recommended that a more precise and detailed description of external, skeletal and visceral abnormalities, including “grey zone anomalies”, should be given by investigators and that a better understanding of the post-natal consequences of foetal observations would help avoid misclassifications (Paumgartten F. et al., Reproductive Toxicology 2009, 27, 8;{181042}

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