…Proposals for harmonised classification and labelling

Under EC Regulation No. 1272/2008 on Classification, Labelling and Packaging, there is a legal obligation for suppliers to evaluate the hazards of chemicals (substances and mixtures) to be placed on the market, and to classify and label them appropriately. An option also exists for Member State Competent Authorities or industry to ask for the classification and labelling of a substance to be harmonised across Europe, whereupon ECHA organises a public consultation period of 45 days. Under this scheme, a proposal has been recently submitted by the German and Norwegian authorities to standardise the classification of 4-tert-butylbenzoic acid and 8:2 fluorotelomer alcohol. To view the background scientific reports, obtain further information, or comment on the proposals (by 22 August or 3 September 2010), visit the ECHA website (at . {185731; 185801}

…ECHA releases IUCLID 5.2.2

Those of you interested in REACH developments may wish to note that on 9th August, ECHA released another IUCLID upgrade, IUCLID 5.2.2. This is functionally identical to the previous version (IUCLID 5.2.1) that it replaces, and resolves compatibility issues introduced in the earlier version. The software is freely available for download via http://iuclid.eu/index.php?fuseaction=home.iuclidHome from the IUCLID 5 website.

…Other REACH documents of interest

ECHA withdraws Practical Guide 11 (http://echa.europa.eu/doc/press/na_10_40_pg11_20100721.pdf)

New version issued of the IUCLID 5 Technical Completeness Check plugin (http://echa.europa.eu/doc/press/na_10_39_tcc_update_20100719.pdf)

Update of ECHA’s chemical safety assessment and reporting tool, Chesar, now available (http://echa.europa.eu/doc/press/na_10_38_csr_chesar_20100707.pdf)

The above items were taken from the September 2010 issue of Toxicology and Regulatory News which is sent automatically to members of bibra (click here for more details).

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