We run a membership scheme which guarantees our clients priority access to our consultants and a fixed price fee structure that represents excellent value for money.

Operating as a three-tier system – to meet your differing levels of requirement – membership is for up to 12 months but renewal can take place at any time. In other words, if you feel you have optimised the benefits/discounts of a particular level/package, you can sign up to a new – or repeat – package, immediately.

For clients who want to be kept well informed on the safety issues of the day, who may only have an occasional need for bespoke bibra services, but who particularly value the insurance of guaranteed priority service, we built a Foundation level of membership. For those who are likely to use the services more frequently the Advanced level of membership is more appropriate. A Premium level of membership was created to meet the needs of clients who are likely to require the full range of services provided by bibra on a much more frequent basis. In all cases, within the boundaries of the particular level acquired, the more consulting hours you purchase the more cost effective it becomes. We are also proud to offer bespoke packages for several of our clients, who feel their requirements are unique – for more information on this, please contact us.


ALL membership levels will also receive:

  • Supported access to TRACE, our unique toxicological database and databank
  • Customised searches (SDIs – Selective Dissemination of Information) at attractive, discounted rates
  • Our monthly current awareness publication ‘Toxicology and Regulatory News
  • Toxicity Profiles at reduced prices (50% discount)
  • Please note that any time spent beyond the above-listed hours, will be charged at our standard daily rate


For those companies who, for whatever reason, do not wish to take advantage of our membership scheme; all our services are still available on an as-needed basis, but normally at higher consultancy rates. Information on these services can be obtained by contacting us.

Our monthly current awareness publication, Toxicology and Regulatory News, is also available to non-members via an annual subscription of £700.00. A sample of TRN can be requested – please just contact us.

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