The OECD has released draft documents for various test guidelines.

  • New test guideline: In vitro Macromolecular Test Method for i) Chemicals Inducing Serious Eye Damage and ii) Chemicals Not Requiring Classification for Eye Irritation or Serious Eye Damage.
  • Updated test guidelines: In vitro skin corrosion: Reconstructed Human Epidermis (RHE) test method and the Reconstructed human Cornea-like Epithelium (RhCE) test method for identifying chemicals not requiring classification and labelling for eye irritation or serious eye damage.
  • Proposed test guideline: In chemico skin sensitisation assays addressing the AOP key event of covalent binding to proteins.

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (2018). Draft guidelines for the testing of chemicals. Accessible via:


The above items were taken from the January/February 2019 issue of Toxicology and Regulatory News which is sent automatically to members of bibra.

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