Classification of dangerous substances (CLP and GHS) in a range of consumer products


A company manufactures a range of consumer goods. In total, many hundreds of chemicals are purchased and used.


This large scale purchaser of large numbers of chemicals has a robust system for ensuring that the health of their workers is protected. MSDSs play a key role in this, but their many weaknesses, errors and inconsistencies were obvious. Given recent developments on CLP and GHS, the company wanted to construct an in-house database of up-to-date classifications that reflect modern information and met the requirements of current and upcoming regulations.

Project goals

Classification of chemicals under the CLP Regulation (1272/2008, as amended) and GHS requires expert toxicologists with access to excellent data sources. Bibra employs experienced, professionally-registered (RSB/BTS/ERT) toxicologists who are very familiar with MSDSs and the derivation of classifications in line with previous and new regulations, as well as with GHS.


The client identified the substances in question, and clarified ambiguities over incorrect or inadequate identification.
Bibra scoured various data sources for relevant information on physicochemical properties, mammalian and ecotoxicology, and environmental fate. These sources included the Approved list (in 1272/2008, as amended), existing MSDSs, Expert Group reviews and primary papers – as identified using bibra’s world-famous in-house database (TRACE), as well as a wide range of other web-based sources.
Bibra evaluated the identified data and proposed classifications for the many hundreds of chemicals of interest, using the classification criteria and guidance outlined in the CLP Regulation and in GHS.

Project outcome

Bibra was able to propose up-to-date classifications in line with current regulations and practice, helping the company to be sure that it was protecting employee health and meeting legislative requirements.

Bibra project leader

Pete Watts

Consumer Product Safety Assessments

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