Compilation of existing Health Criteria Values (HCVs) for a well-known toxin


A multinational medical devices company.


Bibra scientists were asked to review, record and critically evaluate the existing cancer and non-cancer Health Criteria values (HCVs) for a well-known and widely used substance.

Project goals

The aim was to provide an overview of the key HCVs for this toxin, focussing on existing repeated exposure HCVs derived by Expert Groups. The client hoped that these could subsequently be used to determine tolerable levels of this toxin in their products.


The bibra toxicologists have many years of experience in searching for, assessing and recording HCVs, as well as considering and understanding the varying derivation methodologies employed. Our in-house database TRACE is an unrivalled data-source for identifying key Expert Group opinions.

Project outcome

We successfully provided the client with a bibra report detailing the currently available HCVs for their substance, on time and on budget, and were able to identify the key value for future use.

Project leader

Richard Young


Medical devices

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