Cosmetic ingredients – a review of their skin irritation and skin sensitisation potential


A global consumer products organisation.


The client asked bibra to identify and review any published data relating to the local toxicity and sensitisation potential of some ingredients present in its cosmetic products.

Project goals

On a limited budget, bibra conducted literature searches on the various ingredients, in order to identify any relevant data.


The literature searches were largely based on compound-specific CAS RNs and synonyms, to identify relevant local toxicity or skin sensitisation data on each ingredient. A range of data sources was used including the bibra TRACE database (primarily to identify expert group reports and other expert and/or comprehensive reviews), PubMed, and the TOXNET system. Any relevant data was assessed, and summaries were prepared of the available data for each ingredient.

Project outcome

Bibra was able to provide the client with a summary of the available local toxicity and skin sensitisation data, and to provide reassurance that the presence of these ingredients in the cosmetics were unlikely to provoke such reactions.

Bibra project team

Tanya Diver
Beth O’Connell


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