Critical peer review of OECD SIDS Initial Assessment Reports (SIARs)


Health Canada


A SIDS Initial Assessment Report (SIAR) summarises the key scientific data on a chemical or category of chemicals. It is commonly drafted by a company or group of companies, using data from the corresponding SIDS (Screening Information Data Set) Dossier. The SIAR is presented for review and discussion at a SIDS Initial Assessment Meeting (SIAM), where data interpretations and conclusions are accepted as proposed or after appropriate revision. The SIAM also recommends whether a chemical is or is not a candidate for further work (with appropriate supporting rationale). A SIDS Initial Assessment Profile (SIAP) is a short executive summary of the SIAR; this contains the basic information on the chemical, a brief description of the potential human and environmental hazards, and the conclusions and recommendations of the SIAM.

Project goals

Provide Health Canada with critical comments on draft SIARs and SIAPs (particularly the section relating to human health), which can then be fed into the overall OECD evaluation process. The aim is to ensure that the final authoritative hazard reports issued under this multinational programme are of the highest quality.


Health Canada provides the draft SIARs and SIAPs, along with the corresponding SIDS Dossiers on which they are based. Bibra senior toxicologists carefully scrutinize the three related documents (with particular focus on the human health section), checking for errors, inadequacies or inconsistencies in the SIARs/SIAPs and ensuring that the final text provides an accurate reflection of the existing scientific data (consulting original papers where necessary). Suggestions are made for improvement. The toxicologists then conduct a literature search using bibra’s in-house toxicology database, TRACE, as well as the publicly available database, Toxline, to ensure that all major issues have been covered and that there have been no recent developments that might have an impact on the bottom line.

Project outcome

Over many years, the senior toxicologists at bibra have provided critical scientific peer-review of the human health sections of a large number of draft SIARs and SIAPs prepared for discussion at the biannual SIAMs. By careful examination of the available literature, bibra has been able to support Health Canada in its SIAR obligations.

Bibra project leader

Tanya Diver

Chemical hazard and risk assessments

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