Hazard assessment of three candidate compounds for use in formulation ingredients


A chemical manufacturer.


The client had identified 3 potential compounds to be used in its materials. The company’s background afforded them access to standard engineering controls or the ability to procure any additionally required protective measures.

Project goals

Bibra was asked to perform a hazard assessment for each of the 3 compounds to highlight any potential human health hazards. This allowed Bibra to compare their relative human health toxicity and advise on the use of any additional control measures that might be required.


Bibra conducted a wide-ranging search for toxicological data relating to each of the 3 compounds, including any potential read-across candidates. Sources included our in-house toxicity database TRACE. All potentially relevant data were subsequently collected and assessed in order to provide commentary on the potential hazards of using these compounds. Where necessary, the Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) concept was used to evaluate potential exposure risks.

Project outcome

Bibra toxicologists were able to provide a detailed assessment of relevant toxicological endpoints relating to the compounds, as well as advising on potential control or surveillance measures.

Bibra project team

Chris Waine
James Hopkins


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