Hazard assessments on individual food additives and contaminants for a global confectionery organisation


An industry client


A multi-national company wants concise reports on individual food additives and contaminants, or groups of such compounds. These should be written in a way that is accessible to the lay person, and should provide the most pertinent data on toxicology, health criteria values, levels in food, estimated dietary intake levels, and regulatory status.

Project goals

To update existing reports prepared by the client and to draft new ones, making good use of existing Expert Group reports but also searching the primary literature for any subsequent developments that might have an impact on the compound’s status.


The bibra toxicologists have many years of experience in the preparation of hazard reports on chemicals. Our first port of call would be our own in-house database (TRACE) and databank, which we have been running for over 50 years. This provides a quick and efficient route to Expert Group evaluations on the chemicals of interest, and is more up to date and comprehensive in its indexing than is eChemPortal, with a wider coverage of Expert Groups. All such documents in TRACE will have been chemically indexed, and any relevant reviews can be retrieved by a simple search on the CAS Registry number and an appropriate code (for expert reviews). The best of these would be used as the basis for the concise report, as they would identify the key data. In addition, we would conduct a search of the primary literature published since the Expert Group reports, using TRACE, TOXNET and eChemPortal at the very least, to ensure that there have been no further developments that might alter the compound’s toxicological status. Once all of the key data have been summarised, we would go back over the primary papers identified via TRACE and the various external databases, to ensure that there are no gaps in the data that might have been missed by the Expert Groups.

Project outcome

Over many years bibra has provided the client with up-to-date evaluations of the critical data on toxicology, health criteria values, levels in food, estimated dietary intake levels and regulatory status, for individual compounds or groups of compounds, written in a way that is understandable by the lay person.

Bibra project leader

Tanya Diver

Food and food-contact reviews

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