Hazard assessments on naturally-occurring compounds associated with food contamination or spoilage


A multi-national company required concise summaries on mycotoxins (compounds arising from the presence of moulds in foodstuffs) and biogenic amines (nitrogenous compounds arising from food fermentation processes and/or food spoilage). These were to provide the most pertinent data on toxicology, health criteria values, levels in food, estimated dietary intake levels, regulatory status and, for the mycotoxins, thermoresistance.


An industry client.

Project goals

With specific focus on oral ingestion, bibra was requested to present individual summaries on each compound, making good use of existing Expert Group reports (where possible) but also searching the primary literature for any subsequent developments that might have an impact on the compounds’ status.


We began with the bibra in-house database (TRACE) and databank, an unrivalled source for the quick and efficient identification of Expert Group evaluations; where identified, such evaluations formed the basis of the individual summaries, and further searching was conducted of the subsequent primary literature using (at least) the Toxnet system of databases and databanks, PubMed and eChemPortal. Several compounds, particularly the less well-studied mycotoxins, had not been the subject of such Expert Group evaluation, and thus searching was also extended to RTECS and ECHA’s Information on Chemicals database. In the event of large amounts of primary literature being available, individual summaries were restricted to the most relevant high-quality human and/or laboratory animal data, with the client informed of potential further studies of interest.

Project outcome

For each of the mycotoxins and biogenic amines of interest, the client was provided with up-to-date evaluations of the critical data on toxicology, health criteria values, levels in food, estimated dietary intake levels and regulatory status.

Bibra project team

Anne Edwards
Tanya Diver


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