Health risk assessment of a product to be applied to the gums of consumers


A major multinational provider of oral healthcare products.


Bibra scientists were asked to assess the possible consumer health risks associated with the use of a product to be applied directly to the gums.

Project goals

Consider and summarise available primary toxicological data and Expert Group reports on product ingredients to assess, and conclude on, consumer health risks.


The available literature was assessed to compile hazard reviews on each product ingredient. Expert group reports and derived Health Criteria Values (HCVs) were the focus. Bibra considered local exposure to the soft oral tissues and respiratory tract (for volatile components), and assessed the likelihood of respiratory/soft tissue irritation being seen in consumers. Worst-case systemic exposures (from swallowing, absorption via the soft oral tissues or inhalation) were also estimated, and the risk of systemic toxicity occurring in consumers was assessed.

Project outcome

The client was provided with a hazard and risk assessment, providing independent reassurance on product safety.

Project leader

Beth O’Connell

Pete Watts



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