Human health risk assessment for professional use of a veterinary product


A partner consultancy providing support to a European company active in the Biocidal Products, Plant Protection Products and Veterinary Products markets.


The application and use of veterinary products may be undertaken by both professionals (e.g. veterinarians or farmers) and non-professionals (the general public). As part of an application for authorisation of a veterinary insecticide for topical use only in cattle and sheep, bibra was asked to provide a human health risk assessment for professional use of two formulations.

Project Goals

To assess the potential exposure from the professional use of the products using appropriate models, and carry out human health risk assessments based on previously established Acceptable Exposure Levels for the active.


Details of the product formulations and application methods were provided by the client. Tasks and situations that could potentially lead to exposure to the active ingredient were identified and a number of relevant exposure scenarios developed. Based on the results of these and exposure mitigation through the use of personal protective equipment, bibra scientists assessed the potential risk to professionals through the use of the two product formulations.

Project Outcome

Bibra developed a number of relevant exposure scenarios and provided satisfactory human health risk assessments for the two formulations in support of the product authorisations.



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