Literature searches for toxicity data on key compounds


A large international speciality chemicals company


Toxicity and safety information is constantly being generated and added to the published literature, and current awareness of what is known about a compound’s toxicity profile is key for responsible companies. With decades of experience, bibra toxicologists are experts in searching the toxicological literature.

Project goals

To provide the client with bibliographic details of published toxicity papers, including Expert Group reports, on seven different industrial compounds.


Bibra searched for available toxicological data on each substance using a range of high-quality data sources. Searches were also carried out on closely-related compounds, allowing the use of data on analogues to “read-across” for the purpose of data gap filling. The sources included the unique (and REACH-approved) bibra inhouse database (TRACE), the Toxnet system of databases and databanks, PubMed and eChemPortal. Search outputs were submitted by email to the client on the same day as the request was received.

Bibra project leader

Beth O’Connell

Literature searching

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