Ongoing assessments of ‘safety-in-use’ for the consumer product range of a major global organisation


A global producer of a range of well-known consumer products.


Bibra scientists were asked to provide ongoing in-house support within the product safety division at the UK headquarters and main manufacturing plant based in the South-East of England.

Project goals

Acting as an integral part of the client’s product safety and development team, the primary aim was to assist with the ongoing assessment of safety-in-use of the consumer product range and advise on any toxicological issues that arose with new product development or from consumer feedback and complaints.


Bibra scientists were placed on secondment (generally 2-3 days/week for a couple of years) within the company headquarters and used the client’s own Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) software to support the global safety evaluation requirements. Prior to the launch of a new product, or following the reformulation of currently marketed products, an assessment or reassessment of the formulation was required. This involved literature searches for new data on each component of the formulation (which included propellants, biocides, active ingredients and flavourings) published since the last assessment, evaluation and interpretation of suppliers’ safety information sheets (including MSDSs), and use of generated laboratory studies. The result of the assessment was a concise toxicological report on the product and the evaluation also formed the basis for the classification and labelling of the product under the EU DSD and DPD regulations. Instructions on proper use, safe handling, and appropriate packaging (e.g. child resistant packaging and tactile warnings) were provided. The findings of such safety-in-use evaluations were reported back to the internal group at regular meetings. Our expertise was also sought on the validity and usefulness of alternative methods to identify dangerous properties of tested substances and also on the potential impact of the up-coming REACH Regulation on product formulations.

Project outcome

A successful relationship that involved bibra scientists working alongside the client’s own chemists, formulators and ecotoxicologists on a daily basis, to provide expertise and sound scientific advice regarding the safety of mixtures, a complex area of toxicology.



Consumer Product Safety Assessments

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