Preparation of human health reviews for substances in a range of consumer products


A global producer of a range of well-known household consumer products.


Bibra scientists were asked to review the available toxicology data on a range of specific compounds or groups of compounds that were present in the client’s products, either intentionally added or as trace impurities. These reviews were designed to provide key data covering human health effects (including target organs and no-observed-adverse-effect levels), mode of action (MOA) insights, existing health criteria values (HCVs), occupational exposure levels (OELs), classification and labelling (C&L) and uses and exposure information.

Project Goals

The aim was to provide an overview of the key mammalian toxicity data on each compound, relying on existing Expert Group reports (where available) but also considering the primary literature for any subsequent developments that might have an impact on the compound’s status. A recommendation was then provided by bibra on whether it was acceptable for the client to continue using the compound in its products or whether such use should be advised against or restricted completely. Bibra also proposed appropriate HCVs, or derived equivalent values (typically using ECHA guidance for the calculation of DNELs), from which to base any subsequent dermal or inhalation risk assessment.


The bibra toxicologists have many years of experience in the preparation of hazard reports on a diverse range of chemicals. Our first port of call was our own in-house database (TRACE) and databank, which we have been running for over 50 years. This provides a quick and efficient route to Expert Group evaluations on the chemicals of interest, and is more up to date and comprehensive in its indexing than is eChemPortal. The best of these expert reviews were used as the initial basis for the toxicological reviews, as they identify the critical data.

Project Outcome

We successfully completed a series of toxicological reviews on individual compounds or groups of compounds, according to a strict timetable. These provided the client with up-to-date evaluations of the critical mammalian toxicity data on their substances and appropriate HCVs, OELs and C&L.

Project Leader

Richard Young

Consumer Products

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