Recommendation of a tolerable daily intake for a contaminating pesticide


An industrial food manufacturer.


The potential for contamination of a food product with a pesticide  was identified.

Project Goals

The toxicologists at bibra were asked to evaluate the existing chronic oral health criteria values (HCVs) for the contaminant and ascertain the scientific validity of these HCVs, as well as recommend an appropriate tolerable daily intake (TDI).


The client identified some existing HCVs for the contaminant and bibra conducted searches (utilising TRACE, TOXNET, PubMed and RTECS) for additional HCVs and for any further data that might have an impact on the HCVs identified. The HCVs and their corresponding critical effect levels and uncertainty factors were tabulated and considered in detail so that their scientific validity could be established. Bibra selected a critical study, conducted a benchmark dose (BMD) analysis on the data and, applying appropriate uncertainty factors, was able to recommend a reliable TDI.

Project Outcome

Bibra provided the client with a report in which existing health criteria values were evaluated and a TDI based on BMD analysis was calculated for the contaminant.

Project Team

Anne Edwards

Tanya Diver


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