A review of the effects of ultrasound on food integrity and food safety


The client wished bibra to conduct a literature search and to briefly summarise any papers relating to the effects of ultrasound treatment on food safety and food integrity.


A large international food company.

Project goals

To identify the most relevant studies regarding the impact of ultrasound treatments on food (apart from its known anti-microbial effects), and to succinctly summarise them.


After initial exploration of the Expert Group position, bibra went on to conduct broad searches of the primary literature, using TRACE and the PubMed and Toxline databases. The client was sent the identified hits and subsequently requested a preliminary statement summarising the key points from these studies on ultrasound and food safety. This included an outline of the use of ultrasound by the food industry, a summary of the ultrasound-induced changes in food that had been reported in this selection of papers, and preliminary recommendations about which areas may be worth monitoring or merit further analysis in the future.  In the process of consulting abstracts and a few key papers, bibra identified a number of other potentially relevant papers cited within them that were focussed on the foods of greatest interest to the client; these were listed in an appendix to the report, for consideration in any subsequent extension of the project.


Bibra project team

Tanya Diver

James Hopkins


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