…Pre-registered substances

The European Chemicals Agency published (on 19 December 2008) an updated list of about 150,000 substances that had been pre-registered, by 65,000 companies, between 1 June and 1 December 2008. This list is available (via http://apps.echa.europa.eu/preregistered/pre-registered-sub.aspx) on the ECHA website. ECHA now has the task of checking the information submitted on substances not listed in the EINECS (existing substances) or ELINCS (new substances) inventories, and will publish the fully screened list at a later date. {179288}

To accompany the end of the pre-registration period for “phase-in” substances, an updated version of “REACH pre-registration questions and answers” has been issued. Release 5 of this document, dated 18 December 2008, is available to download at http://echa.europa.eu/doc/pre-registration/pre_reg_qa_en.pdf on the ECHA website. {177083}

…Industry User Manual

Further parts of this manual (first reported in Toxicology and Regulatory News 2008, 47(12), 206) are now available on: pre-SIEF (Part 5), dossier submission (Part 6), joint submission (Part 7), invoices (Part 8) and advanced search (Part 9), together with an updated version of Part 1 (“getting started with REACH-IT”; Version 1.1). These are all dated 1 December 2008, and can be accessed on the ECHA website (via http://echa.europa.eu/reachit/supp_docs_en.asp). {179752}

…More answers on REACH-IT

Version 1.9 (dated 6 January 2009) of “REACH-IT frequently asked questions” can now be viewed (at http://echa.europa.eu/doc/reachit/reachit_faq.pdf). {178167}

…Updated publications on data submissions

Revised versions of the following Data Submission Manuals have been published: Manual 1 – “How to prepare and submit a PPORD notification” (Release 1.1); Manual 2 – “How to prepare and submit an inquiry dossier” (Release 1.2); Manual 4 – “How to complete the IUCLID 5 dossier header” (Release 1.1); Manual 5 – “How to complete a technical dossier for registrations and PPORD notifications” (Release 1.3). The updated documents, all dated 15 December 2008, are available via http://echa.europa.eu/reachit/supp_docs_en.asp on the ECHA website. {177081; 177495-6; 178836}

…Public consultation on inclusion of substances in Authorisation List

Comments are invited by 14 April 2009 on the proposed prioritisation of seven of the 15 substances on the Candidate List to be subject to authorisation (see Toxicology and Regulatory News 2008, 47(11), 185). The ECHA website provides further background information, and also links to the “commenting form” to be used for each of the chemicals (visit .

The above items were taken from the February 2009 issue of Toxicology and Regulatory News which is sent automatically to members of bibra (click here for more details).

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