A special issue (number 1) of volume 30 of Reproductive Toxicology is devoted to the ReProTect project, an EU Framework 6 integrated project that was designed to provide progress in the area of in vitro alternatives for testing chemicals for reproductive and developmental toxicity. As described in an editorial published in the issue, a group of 32 scientific research institutes in Europe developed a series of alternative test systems covering various stages of the reproductive cycle. A number of well-defined systems stemming from the project were then entered into a feasibility study using various chemicals, with a view to generating an in vitro testing strategy. The special issue contains nearly 20 papers on some of the individual test systems developed under ReProTect (including several covering endocrine disruption test methods) as well as articles covering test chemical selection and the feasibility study (Piersma A.H., Reproductive Toxicology 2010, 30, 1; http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.reprotox.2010.05.008). {185664}

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