ECETOC is in the process of revising its TRA tools, which now consist of three distinct exposure estimation models (covering workers, consumers and the environment) supported by a single integrated version. Each model (available as an Excel spreadsheet) is being made available through the ECETOC website, by submission of an online request form. The general concept of ECETOC’s TRA tools is based on the premise that by making suitably conservative assumptions, broad exposure/risk models can be applied to identified uses to determine where (if at all) any further detailed assessment of risks may be required. At present, guidance on REACH (the European legislation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) refers to the TRA tool as the preferred approach for evaluating worker exposures (at the Tier 1 level), and acknowledges that, with certain modifications, the TRA tool may also be adopted for estimating consumer exposures. However, further work is evidently required on the TRA tool for environmental exposure assessments to facilitate a more pragmatic approach in line with principles laid down within EUSES (the European Union System for the Evaluation of Substances). A supporting Technical Report that describes in detail the current structure of, and basis for, the revised TRA approach will apparently also be available shortly from the ECETOC website.

[European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals. Launch of the new ECETOC targeted risk assessment tools (Recent news, dated 22 June 2009). All four TRA tools, accompanying user guides, and ECETOC Technical Report, will be available via the ECETOC website (] {182454}

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