This report, prepared by the UK Health and Safety Executive and funded by EFSA, examines the possibility of applying the TTC concept to metabolites and other substances formed through the reaction or degradation of plant protection products that may pose consumer safety concerns. A validation exercise comparing TTC values for 100 pesticides with agreed acceptable daily intakes found that the TTC approach (providing genotoxic data were available) afforded adequate protection for all the end-points required for the authorisation of these active substances (although the quantitative structure-activity relationship programmes used were found to be poor predictors of pesticide toxicity and genotoxicity). Encouragingly, it was felt that the TTC approach had the potential “to be an effective tool for prioritising transformation products that require detailed information”.

[Brown R. et al. (2009). Scientific/technical report submitted to EFSA. Applicability of thresholds of toxicological concern in the dietary risk assessment of metabolites, degradation and reaction products of pesticides. Visit to obtain the document from the European Food Safety Authority.] {184731}

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