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Please use the search box or the letters below to navigate and find the Toxicity Profile you require. All purchases are easily made online and a link will be emailed to you to download the PDF. If you can’t find the Profile you require, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


The Toxicity Profile project was a major bibra initiative some years ago now, providing critical reviews of the most pertinent toxicological data published on nearly 500 commercially important chemicals. Prepared by experienced toxicologists specially trained in toxicity data interpretation, each Profile is compiled principally from primary sources, as a comprehensive yet succinct evaluative summary. Whilst of an exceptionally high standard at the time (and they can still certainly match the efforts of several of our competitors) many of the monographs would benefit from updating (see below). The interpretative skills of the current bibra team operate at a more sophisticated level and it is rare that we review toxicity hazard data in isolation. Invariably we are asked to assess the corresponding risk of a specified exposure, resulting in more nuanced decisions on hazard data inclusion and description.

We would be pleased to quote for any further hazard review or risk assessment work stemming from these Profiles, for example, specific Profiles or Profile updates can be sponsored by companies on request. If you wish to enquire about a specific Profile prior to purchase, or would like to see a sample Profile then please contact us.

Toxicity Profiles are priced at £60 (or £120 for non-bibra members) and are available in hard copy or as an electronic file. A 50% discount is offered on Profile updates if the customer can show that the original has been purchased.


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