Volume 48, Number 4

April 2009


IARC verdicts on 1,3-butadiene, ethylene oxide and three vinyl halides
CICADs on cyclic acid anhydrides and chromium(III) compounds
WHO assesses health effects of ozone
Report of 69th JECFA meeting
What constitutes a good toxicity study?
Harmonisation of terminology for developmental toxicology studies 


Spring activity within REACH
…REACH Regulation is amended (in Annex XI) and corrected
…Harmonised classification and labelling – epoxiconazole and diantimony trioxide
…First evaluation progress report published by ECHA
Draft assessment reports on pesticides published by EFSA
EFSA conclusions on various plant protection products
EC completes review of ‘existing’ pesticides and develops approved pesticides database
Saponins of Madhuca longifolia in animal feeds assessed by EFSA
SCENIHR assesses recent developments in risk assessment of nanomaterials…
…while EFSA focuses on implications of their presence in food and feed chain
EFSA assesses 4-methylbenzophenone (4-MBP) in breakfast cereals
Food-contact materials get the EFSA treatment
EFSA publishes petition guidelines for intelligent food-contact ingredients
Ingredients in food supplements – EFSA assessments
Energy drinks given oomph in EFSA assessment
Krill oil evaluated by EFSA as a novel food ingredient
More flavoursome EFSA assessments
GM cotton GHB614 approved by EFSA


Compendium of Chemical Hazards – series expanded by Health Protection Agency
Committee Statements on the genotoxicity of acrylamide…
…Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL)
…and metals and elements in the diet
COM February deliberations


NTP toxicology and carcinogenicity studies of inhaled cumene in rodents
More chemical categories reviewed under EPA HPV Program
Draft EPA Integrated Science Assessment (ISA) for carbon monoxide
More chemicals screened by OEHHA for possible listing as known carcinogens
Tolerance petitions filed with EPA for several pesticide ingredients
More pesticide tolerances established by EPA
EPA issues revised Reregistration Eligibility Decision for para-dichlorobenzene
Registration Reviews – more EPA activity on pesticide ingredients
Pesticide science reviews available from EPA under Freedom of Information Act
Bridging the generation gap – maternal DDE levels and obesity
NTP proposes new evaluation criteria for describing non-cancer study findings


NICNAS considers polyquaternium-69
Screening assessments from Health Canada and Environment Canada
Revised HBROELs proposed by DECOS for endotoxins
APVMA assessment of flubendiamide
Melamine in infant formula
Can short studies identify ovarian toxicity?

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