Volume 50, Number 4

April 2011


Technical Reports issued covering JECFA’s 72nd meeting on six food contaminants…
…and JECFA’s 73rd meeting on cadmium, lead and flavourings
WHO evaluates indoor air pollutants
ICH classifies solvents: tetrahydrofuran, cumene and N-methylpyrrolidone
ILSI launches developmental toxicity database
OECD (Q)SAR Application Toolbox – version 2.1 and manual on genotoxicity
WHO/IPCS guidance on PBPK modelling for risk assessment


Springing into action on REACH
…ECHA consults on substances of very high concern (SVHCs)
…Several SVHCs to be banned unless authorisation granted
…Other REACH items of interest
Biocide evaluations available from EC Environment
EFSA publishes more draft assessment reports on pesticides
Conclusions on more plant protection products from EFSA
More SCOEL toxicological reviews released
Additional substances assessed by EFSA for contact with food
EFSA statement on studies involving aspartame and artificially sweetened beverages
Caramel colours (E 150 a-d) reviewed by EFSA for food use
More flavouring group evaluations revisited by EFSA
‘EMEA’ draft monographs on herbal medicines and draft public statement on thujone
ACROPOLIS pesticide project


ACNFP considers another novel food application for DHA and EPA-rich microalgal oil
SACN report on iron and health
COM March deliberations on guidance strategy for genotoxicity testing


NTP studies on acrylamide, Aloe vera extract and 2,4-decadienal
EPA air quality standards – draft ISA on ozone and proposed rule on carbon monoxide
OEHHA reviews developmental and reproductive toxicity of sulphur dioxide
NSRL derived by OEHHA for 4-methylimidazole
ACGIH 2011 TLVs and BEIs for industrial chemicals
Public health goal (PHG) for Freon 113 affirmed by OEHHA
Scaling body weights recommended by EPA as default method in deriving oral RfD
Validation status of an in vitro endocrine disruptor screening assay – ICCVAM report
US agencies unveil automated system to assess potential toxicity of chemicals


Dutch Health Council – final reports on carcinogenicity and genotoxicity…
…HBROELs proposed in draft reports on methyl methacrylate and hexachlorobenzene…
…and evaluation of 2-AAF’s reproductive toxicity
RIVM applies occupational risk assessment model to silica
Danish EPA determines health risks of oven cleaners
VKM evaluates carcinogenicity of mepanipyrim
APVMA assesses dimethoate
Safety of spirodiclofen reviewed by VKM
Acyltransferase assessed by FSANZ for use as food processing aid

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