Volume 45, Number 8

August 2006 



IARC verdicts on gallium arsenide, indium phosphide, vanadium pentoxide, cobalt in hard-metals and cobalt sulphate
WHO and IPCS pesticide evaluation inventory
WHO drinking water guidelines
JECFA evaluations of food additives and contaminants – 67th meeting


REACHing completion
EFSA assesses dichlorvos, trichlorfon, 1,3-dichloropropene, phosmet, methiocarb and propamocarb
Natuphos® (an enzymic feed preparation) evaluated by EFSA
EFSA guidance for the risk assessment of genetically modified microorganisms
EMEA guidance on immunotoxicity testing


Cabin air pollution considered by COT
COT July deliberations on shellfish toxins, PFOS and PFOA
COC July deliberations
Ice structuring protein – ACNFP considers novel food application
Astaxanthin dietary supplement considered by FSA
Diet and learning ability in children – review commissioned by FSA
Growth hormones in meat assessed by VPC


EPA IRIS draft summary and toxicological review of dibutyl phthalate and dichlorobenzenes
Child specific reference doses finalised by OEHHA for manganese and pentachlorophenol
OEHHA public health goals
CIR final reports on cresols, benzaldehyde, dibutyl adipate and oxyquinoline
CIR announcements
Pesticide petitions filed with the EPA
EPA pesticide tolerances for residues of phosphorous acid and myclobutanil
EPA risk assessments of pesticides
FDA guidance on non-pesticidal proteins from new plant varieties
FDA GRAS status letters for phospholipase A2 and tomato lycopene extract
NICEATM-ICCVAM alternative methods


DECOS – acrylamide and ethanol OELs
Formic acid, trichloroacetic acid and methanol – Dutch committee considers effects on reproduction


Two-year feeding study on 1,4-dichloro-2-nitrobenzene
Three-generation study clarification on para-nonylphenol
n-Hexanal vapours can be irritating
Testicular toxicity of a brominated diphenyl ether
Is human exposure to di-isononyl phthalate underestimated?
Inhalation toxicology of carbon nanotubes explained and predicted
Lanthanum affects the nervous system of rats
Risk assessment of dermal exposures to PAHs
Low blood lead levels associated with female infertility
Aggravation of respiratory symptoms by cleaning products
Jojoba skin sensitization
Coumarin impurities responsible for allergic reactions?
Allergic reactions to dermally applied α-lipoic acid
Rare allergic reactions to white petrolatum
Developmental toxicity of capsaicin
Oestrogenic activity of food packaging components
Confuse mustard seeds with argemone seeds at your peril
Safety assessment of mixed tocopheryl phosphates
Iodine and thyroid disease
Safety evaluation of protein from silkworm pupae
Reassuring results for soy isoflavones in transgenic mice
Fermented soya beans may help keep you bony
Soy testing – back to the drawing board (or pig pen)
The phytoestrogen content of beer rises
n-3 Fatty acids symposium on dietary requirements
Docosahexaenoic acid may prolong pregnancy in rats
Towards a healthier pinta?
Safety assessment of olive polyphenols
Tea polyphenols and prostate cancer
Dietary study on L-theanine
Cardiovascular effects of tea
Tea – totalling the fluoride
Moderate prenatal alcohol consumption – possibly not so clever
Benefits of sesame seeds
Severe allergic reactions to perilla seed
Dry beans may reduce the risk of colorectal adenomas
Green and yellow vegetables protect mice against atherosclerosis
Safety assessment of a GM corn
A proposed in vitro approach to assessing repeated dose toxicity

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