Volume 46, Number 8

August 2007




Draft SIDS Initial Assessment Reports (SIARs)
Initial report of the 68th JECFA meeting

Alignment of EU classification and labelling to the UN Globally Harmonised System
Assessment of health risks arising from the substitution of phosphate-based detergents
SCCP consideration of the complex safety assessment of nanomaterials
Draft assessment reports on five pesticides from EFSA
EFSA’s opinion on a coccidiostat containing diclazuril
Food colours re-evaluated by EFSA – red light for Red 2G
EFSA sets maximum residue limits for canthaxanthin – did they use a colour chart?
Going up in smoke, a food flavouring product causes EFSA concern
EFSA statement on MON 863 – a genetically modified maize


HSE – list of Workplace Exposure Limits revised
COT amends joint statement on nanomaterial toxicology
COT Statement on the developmental effects of dioxin – more data available
COC July deliberations
IGHRC risk assessment of chemical mixtures considered by COT


Submissions to the EPA HPV Program
Proposition 65 – maximum allowable dose level for the reproductive toxin DBP
A final OEHHA public health goal on glyphosate and four proposals
Proposed National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone issued by EPA
Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel announcements
Pesticide tolerance petitions filed with the EPA
EPA tolerances for residues of cymoxanil and indoxacarb
EPA REDs and human health risk assessments on various pesticides
New EPA Pesticide Registration Review: Busan 1024 and 2,4-imidazolidinedione
FDA GRAS status for concentrated hydrolysed milk protein and lipase enzyme preparation


DECOS considers kaolin OEL
Dutch committee discusses inhalant allergens
NICNAS toxicology reviews on 25 phthalates
NICNAS health risk assessment of lead in coatings and inks
APVMA assessments of pyraclofos and prothioconazole


Beryllium’s Occupational Exposure Limit may be inadequate
Genotoxicity of crotonaldehyde
Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and childhood learning disorders
Thyroid function and phthalates – is there a connection?
Smoking and heritable mutations
Oral Swedish moist snuff (snus) – not to be sniffed at?
Aspartame carcinogenic in new Ramazzini report?
Oligo-N-acetylglucosamine (OAG) tested in 90-day rat study
Safety evaluation of a milk basic protein (MBP) fraction
Anaphylactic reaction to guar gum provoked by aspirin
Further evidence on the benefits of folic acid fortification …
… and it may also protect the liver
Genistein and bone health
Promoting genotoxicity – a case of sour grapes?
Procyanidins and other flavonoids may reduce colorectal cancer
Lignans – thoughtful dietary components?
Spinach extract inhibits tumour growth in mice
Can canola oil suppress tumour growth?
Chocolate – a tasty way to prevent heart disease?
Cola and kidney disease
Ethanolic chicory root extract – safety evaluation
Rosemary’s reproductive inhibitions
Another reason to eat your greens?
Apples and bladder cancer
GM maize DAS-59122-7 tested in 90-day rat feeding study
QSARs for predicting the carcinogenic potential of natural dietary constituents
Photocomet assay – light thrown on genotoxic chemicals



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