Volume 47, Number 8

August 2008

Updated Toxicity Profile on sodium hexametaphosphate



Back issues of twelve more IARC volumes posted on the web
OECD issues ‘final draft’ SIARs
Initial report of the 69th JECFA meeting
IPCS guidance for risk assessment of chemicals in food
OECD draft test guidelines and related documents …
… on reproductive toxicity testing
… on amphibian metamorphosis assay
… on developmental neurotoxicity test
… and on transgenic rodent mutation assays


More REACH news
… ECHA helps with homework …
… answers questions on REACH-IT …
… and consults on substances of very high concern
EU updated risk assessment report (RAR) on short chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs)
Recycled plastic in food-contact materials – what EFSA needs to know
GM feed additive approved by EFSA
Use of lactic acid on poultry carcasses passes muster with EFSA
EFSA expresses concern over synthetic zeaxanthin
Flavours of the month from EFSA
EFSA proudly announces the birth of its two new Panels


COT July deliberations
First ACNFP thoughts on Naturis phytosterols
SACN draft Statement defines dietary fibre and considers its health benefits


IRIS draft toxicological review on tetrachloroethylene and four finalised reviews on PBDEs
NTP RoC – final background documents for captafol and ortho-nitrotoluene
NTP toxicology and carcinogenicity studies on methylene blue trihydrate (MBT)
Final OEHHA public health goal for molinate in drinking water
New supplement to ACGIH Documentation of Threshold Limit Values (TLVs)
Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel announcements
Pesticide tolerance petitions filed with the EPA
EPA pesticide tolerance exemptions
EPA issues Reregistration Eligibility Decisions for several pesticide ingredients
Registration Reviews for fourteen pesticide ingredients released by EPA
Regulatory approval for alternative eye test methods recommended by ICCVAM


DECOS sets HBROEL for chloroplatinates but not for other platinum group members
Dutch Health Council report on organic solvents and human reproduction
NICNAS toxicology reviews on 25 phthalates


Liver tumours and trichloroacetic acid
Reproductive toxicity of the flame retardant hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD)
Small pieces of silver may cause harm
Methylated bismuth shows genotoxicity in human blood cells
Hair colours and bladder cancer – carry on dyeing?
Sitting on dimethyl fumarate may be a rash decision
A brush with tampico may take your breath away
Sanguine safety appraisal for dihydrosanguinarine
Asparagine tested in rat feeding study
Licorice flavonoid oil tested in all sorts of studies
Propolis shows genotoxic potential in mice
Reassuring developmental toxicity study on diacylglycerol oil
Glycemic index and glycemic load may affect cancer risk



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