Volume 50, Number 8

August 2011


JMPR pesticide monographs
Compendium of 2-alkoxyethanol CICAD reviews
Targeted assessment report and SIDS dossier from OECD on isocyanuric acid derivative
WHO releases new guidelines for drinking water
Red letter day for UN “purple book” – fourth edition of GHS issued
Draft OECD guideline on testing for eye irritation and corrosion


Holidays within REACH?
…REACH and socio-economic analysis advice
…Ten opinions adopted by RAC
…Proposals for classification and labelling of proquinazid, cymoxanil and ethephon
…Other REACH items of interest
EC Environment evaluates two more biocides, IPBC and folpet
Risks and benefits of water fluoridation presented by SCHER
EFSA evaluates two perfluorinated ammonium salts for food-contact use
Zearalenone under EFSA spotlight
Flavouring groups evaluated by EFSA
‘EMEA’ finalises community herbal monograph on hamamelis bark
EFSA and QSAR alerts – for neurotoxicity and developmental toxicity of pesticides…
…and for use in threshold of toxicological concern (TTC) approach
ECETOC criteria for identifying endocrine disruptors (EDs) of high regulatory concern
GMM risk assessment under EFSA microscope


HPA Compendium of chemical hazards
Are we what we eat? SACN considers consequences of early nutrition on adult health


Draft IRIS toxicological review from EPA on acrylonitrile
NTP announces 12th Report on Carcinogens (RoC)
EPA draft guidance for developing data-derived extrapolation factors (DDEFs)
Validation status of an in vitro endocrine disruptor screening assay – ICCVAM report


DECOS HBROELs for 1,4-dioxane, two glycol ethers and mineral oils
INSPQ reviews trichloroethylene guide values
BPA gets under your skin – Danish EPA on the case
Danish EPA investigates ‘non-preserved’ cosmetics
Health-protective intake values for soil contaminants – New Zealand tackles dirty problem
APVMA reviews fipronil…
…and polihexanide’s carcinogenic and genotoxic potential
Clomazone assessed by VKM
French cuisine on ANSES menu
VKM evaluates n-3 fatty acids

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