Volume 45, Number 12

December 2006 


Updated Toxicity Profile on Carnauba wax



OECD Screening Information Data Sets (SIDS)
OECD guidance documents on pesticide residues
Report of the 65th JECFA meeting
FAO/WHO assess dietary exposure to chemicals in food
OECD draft guideline on developmental neurotoxicity


ECETOC guidance on assessing chemical safety under REACH
European Parliament agrees to restrict the use of PFOS
EFSA assessments on haloxyfop-R, metribuzin and benfuracarb
Food contamination by hexachlorobenzene assessed by EFSA
EFSA approvals for magnesium potassium citrate and L-cysteine
EFSA assessment of capsanthin, citranaxanthin and cryptoxanthin as colouring agents in animal nutrition
ECVAM database on alternative methods


REACH – HSE helpdesk
SACN considers selenium health effects
COC November deliberations


Availability of draft and final ATSDR Toxicological Profiles
AEGLs for hazardous substances
NTP-CERHR draft report on hydroxyurea, and draft Briefs on soy formula and genistein
EPA assesses multi-route exposure to trihalomethanes from drinking water
Pesticide tolerance petitions filed with the EPA
EPA pesticide tolerances
EPA risk assessment for chlorflurenol methyl ester
Fluoridated water and reduced risk of dental caries – health claim considered by FDA
FDA GRAS status letters and SCOGS database
EPA framework for assessing risks to children exposed to environmental agents
Endocrine disruption assay considered by NICEATM and ICCVAM


NICNAS reassesses two existing chemicals
Azinphos-methyl assessed by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority


Category approach to evaluating the reproductive toxicity of phthalates
Trichloroethylene and blood cancers
2,3-Dichloro-1,3-butadiene tested for developmental and reproductive toxicity
Occupational exposure limits in Asia
Severity of asthma reaction affected by previous formaldehyde exposure
Falcata wood dust causes occupational asthma
Conazole fungicides affect female reproductive development
In vitro genotoxicity of benzalkonium chloride
Acetyl cedrene tested for developmental toxicity
Can cosmetics contribute to body phytosterol load?
Cypress extract component lacks carcinogenicity in long-term rat study
Rats given aristolochic acids for 90 days
Oral toxicity of Blockal, a dietary supplement containing an α-amylase inhibitor
Too much salt is bad for kids too
Childhood wheezing eased by maternal zinc?
High iodine and adverse pregnancy outcome in mice
Folate and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease …
… and gastro-intestinal cancer
Is vitamin D status associated with increased pancreatic risk?
Chemoprotective effect of indole-3-carbinol in maternal diet
Cardiovascular effects of trans-fatty acids – stepping towards a threshold?
Chocoholic conundrum – high saturated fats versus antioxidants
Coffee and cardiovascular disease risk
Uterine damage in female rats given peppermint tea
Cola and bone mineral density
The occasional curry is food for thought
Fishy dilemma on benefits and risks
High meat intake and colorectal cancer

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