Volume 46, Number 12

December 2007 



IPCS – Poisons Information Monographs (PIMs)
International guidance on metal risk assessments
WHO – drinking water and risk management
Global recommendations to reduce cancer risk
OECD guidelines for testing chemicals

REACH exemptions
A potential enzymatic feed additive assessed by EFSA
In the pink with astaxanthin – EFSA assesses another fishy feed additive
EFSA’s opinion on a coccidiostat containing salinomycin sodium
Draft assessment reports available from EFSA on fourteen more pesticides
Health criteria values for dieldrin discussed by EFSA
EFSA calls for long-term toxicity study on ITX
Health concerns expressed by EFSA from exposure to ethyl carbamate in fruit brandy
Sweet news for neotame from EFSA
Second round of assessments of natural flavouring sources published by the CoE
EFSA determines the allergic potential of food additives for labelling purposes  


COC November deliberations
Occupational cancer burden assessed by HSE and IOM
Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – COC considers chemical causes for these lymphoid tumours
Ethaboxam – COM update Statement on adequacy of submitted genotoxicity tests
Chlorinated drinking water and cancer – a COC Statement in the pipeline
Cold water dispersible lycopene – ACNFP considers novel food application
Plans for bans on trans fatty acids? FSA to consider evidence
COT and GACS – new seating arrangements  


ATSDR Toxicological Profiles
Robust summary for dimethyl succinyl succinate submitted to the EPA HPV Program
NTP RoC – draft background documents for aristolochic acid and riddelliine
Draft air quality guidelines and proposed Reference Exposure Levels – Californian style
Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel announcements
Pesticide tolerance petitions filed with the EPA
Tolerances set by the EPA for bifenthrin, fenamidone and fluazinam
EPA REDs for carbaryl, dichlorprop-p, mecoprop-p, and risk assessments for acrolein and prometon
FDA GRAS status for Actinidia arguta fruit extract and tailored triglycerides
FDA refuses health claim linking alkaline citrates and reduced risk of osteoporosis  


DECOS derives HBROELs (health-based OELs) for diethylene glycol and propylene glycol
APVMA assessment of tulathromycin
BfR guidance on risk communication


Oral carcinogenicity study with nickel sulphate hexahydrate
Toxicity study on 2-(2′-hydroxy-3′,5′-di-tert-butylphenyl) benzotriazole (HDBB)
Perfluorinated chemicals and petite babies
Oral Swedish moist snuff (snus) may accelerate the development of stomach cancer
Freons 11 and 12 linked with breathing difficulties
Light distress for lady in lavender
One in five of us may develop contact allergies
Reassuring findings for sugarcane aliphatic acids in a rat carcinogenicity study
Rats sweetened on sucromalt for 28 days
Glad tidings on inulin-type fructans
Minimum maternal DHA intake for brainy babies
Resveratrol slows progression of prostate cancer development in mice
Manganese in drinking water – time for a rethink?
Does restricting dietary salt really help protect against cardiovascular disease?
Tomato esculeoside A may protect the arteries
Turnip seed asthma
Fish may help the fight against colorectal cancer
Can nutritional factors help protect against ovary cancer?
Another look at the 90-day study on MON 863, a genetically modified maize
Dose selection in carcinogenicity studies

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