Volume 49, Number 12

December 2010


IARC verdicts on aromatic amines, organic dyes and related exposures…
…and on painting and firefighting
JMPR pesticide residues report
OECD (Q)SAR Application Toolbox
Support for OECD in vitro micronucleus test
More OECD guidance on mutagenicity testing and skin absorption
WHO/IPCS draft report on dermal exposure
OECD harmonised templates (OHTs)


Deadline within REACH, but developments continue
…Proposals for harmonised classification and labelling
…RAC in agreement on harmonised classification of four further substances
…Other REACH items of interest
Draft biocide evaluations from EC Environment
EFSA publishes more draft assessment reports on pesticides
Bumper crop of conclusions on plant protection products from EFSA
SCCS assessments of ingredients used in cosmetic products
Food-contact materials evaluated by EFSA
Polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs) in food – EFSA assessment
EFSA-funded review on respiratory sensitization induced by microbes and their enzymes
Group flavouring evaluations from EFSA
Canthaxanthin re-evaluated by EFSA for use as a food additive
Food azo-colours assessed by EFSA
‘EMEA’ evaluation of sage oil and leaves as herbal medicines
Limits of genotoxic impurities in pharmaceuticals – ‘EMEA’ clarifies some issues


COT discusses methanol…
…and phthalates
UK Agencies – approach to exposure modelling
All change for the Food Standards Agency


Draft EPA toxicological review on chromium(VI) and four finalised reviews for IRIS
Four final NTP technical reports released
Public health goals (PHGs) established by OEHHA for BaP, methoxychlor and TCDD
NRC AEGLs for six airborne chemicals
FDA GRAS status for palm oil carotenoids, Korean-pine nut oil and acid fungal protease


DECOS considers draft carcinogenicity reports…
…and health-based recommended occupational exposure limits (HBROELs)
Draft screening assessments from Health Canada and Environment Canada
Safe Work Australia assesses options to reduce potential hazards of nanomaterials
Nordic Expert Group evaluates phosphate triesters
NICNAS – Full Public Reports issued on several chemicals
BfR warns against household cleaning products with high levels of nitric acid
Health effects of soil pollutants considered in reports released by EPHC
APVMA reviews toxicity of endosulfan
Opinion of the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety (VKM) on coumarin
Cancer and toxicity risk assessments – the Australian approach

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