Correction to the ICH guideline for residual solvents

IARC evaluations on some chemicals of interest


…Draft update to Test Guideline 488

…Integrated approaches for testing and assessment (IATA) case studies

…New AOP released

…Draft guideline on defined approaches for skin sensitisation assessment

…JaCVAM validation study reports on the amino acid derivative reactivity assay

Updated version of eChemPortal

JMPR evaluation of pesticide residues




…Keep REACH registrations up to date

…Authorisation application for the use of trichloroethylene

…Update to ECHA guidance on establishing Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs)

…Four substances added to the Community rolling action plan (CoRAP)

…New Chesar version released

…Additional information regarding the UK withdrawal from the EU

…Testing proposals involving vertebrate animals

Classification and labelling…

…Proposal for harmonised classification and labelling on five substances

…RAC opinions on harmonised classification and labelling on eight substances

Biocidal Products Regulation…

…Consultation on candidate for substitution of DBNPA

…BPC opinions on three active substances

…New R4BP version


…Draft guidance on the use of the TTC approach in food safety assessment

…Opinions on three groups of food flavourings

…Safety evaluation of two food-contact materials

…Consideration of the safety of four food enzymes

…Safety assessment of two animal feed additives

…Conclusions on the safety of three pesticides

…Assessment reports on three pesticides

…Opinion on the “basic substance” application for “bee glue”

…Evaluation of computational models for prediction of dermal absorption values

European Environment Agency report on mercury in the environment


…Final opinion on colloidal silver as a cosmetics ingredient

…“Notes of Guidance” for cosmetics updated

Cosmetics Europe recommendation on mineral oil hydrocarbons

DFG releases new issue of MAK value documentations

Danish EPA conducts risk assessment on chemicals released from “squishy toys”

CeHoS publishes list of suspected endocrine disruptors



COC recent discussions



Final NTP Report on Carcinogens (RoC) monograph on antimony trioxide

Soluble nickel compounds added to Proposition 65 List

EPA releases updated PPRTV document on lanthanum

Outcome of the 148th meeting of the CIR Expert Panel



Canadian screening assessments

Canadian authorities identify substances of low human health concern using the TTC approach

APVMA reconsiders methiocarb

NICNAS reports on industrial chemicals