Volume 48, Number 2

February 2009

SIARS – OECD issues draft final reports
Validation report on OECD weanling model of Hershberger assay
OECD guidance on dose selection for chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity studies
Comparing OECD test guidelines and ISO standards


REACH off to a flying New Year start
…Pre-registered substances
…Industry User Manual
…More answers on REACH-IT
…Updated publications on data submissions
…Public consultation on inclusion of substances in Authorisation List
European legislation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging
EFSA evaluations of food-contact materials
Fungal lycopene assessed by EFSA as novel food ingredient
Fluorides, chromium nicotinate and aspartates in food supplements – EFSA assessments
EFSA adds more flavour to the New Year…
…and issues advice on genotoxicity testing for substances in FGE 19
Another GM maize approved by EFSA
ECVAM endorses further alternative tests for skin irritation…
…and harmonised performance standards for the LLNA  


COM Statements on mutagenicity of phenol…
…and aclonifen
ACNFP draft opinion on touchi extract
COT Statement on peanut avoidance


Six draft NTP technical reports on toxicology and carcinogenesis studies
Availability of seven finalised ATSDR Toxicological Profiles
OEHHA RELs for six air pollutants and new risk assessment guidelines
Determining reference values for C9 aromatic solvents
Further TSCA submissions notified to EPA
Neopentanetetrayl propionate derivative reviewed under EPA HPV Program
Potassium perfluorobutane sulphonate tested in 90-day rat study
Conclusions from 109th meeting of Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel
RIFM assesses cyclic acetates used as fragrance ingredients
Dermal sensitization – quantitative risk assessments (QRA)
EPA considers wider impact of atmospheric nitrogen and sulphur oxides
Public health goal finalised by OEHHA for 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
OEHHA derives maximum allowable dose level (MADL) for di-n-hexyl phthalate
NRC advocates cumulative risk assessment for phthalate evaluations
Pesticide tolerances granted by EPA
EPA issues Reregistration Eligibility Decisions for flumetralin and HHT
Registration Reviews – more EPA activity on pesticide ingredients
FDA GRAS status of seven food ingredients
NRC issues more advice on assessing health risks


DECOS recommends HBROELs for γ-butyrolactone
Dutch committee considers reproductive toxicity of hydrogen fluoride, sodium fluoride and ammonia
Intelligent problems with fluoride?
NICNAS – Full Public Reports on new chemicals
IRSST reviews health effects of nanoparticles
Safety studies on nanoparticulate red mold rice
Carcinogenicity study on madder
RIVM assesses effects of policy changes on human health

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