Volume 49, Number 2

February 2010


IARC verdicts on various chemical and occupational exposures
OECD – ‘draft final’ SIAR on alkyl sulfates/sulfonates


No freeze on REACH activities
…More substances branded as SVHC
…Updated manual for REACH registrations and PPORD notifications
…First agreement on the need for further animal tests under REACH
…REACH Technical Completeness Check (TCC) plug-in
…Database on registered substances
…Compliance checks on unfinished NONS dossiers
…Webinar presentations available online for registrants
…Forum check on how formulators comply with REACH
ECB advises on applicability of REACH guidance documents to biocides
Biocide evaluations available from EC Environment
EU risk assessment reports
Draft assessment reports on pesticides published by EFSA
HERA report on esterquats
Food-contact materials evaluated by EFSA
Mycotoxins and natural plant toxicants – an EFSA funded project
EFSA reviews the palytoxin group of marine biotoxins
Group flavouring evaluations from EFSA
EFSA Panel evaluates three more smoke flavourings…
…and explains its Margin of Safety (MoS) approach
Polyglycitol syrup and natamycin assessed by EFSA for food additive use


COM Statement on genotoxicity of para-chloroaniline
COT December meeting
Parliamentary report on nanotechnologies and food


Provisional Advisory Levels for acrylonitrile, hydrogen sulphide and phosgene
113th meeting of Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel
Public health goal for bromate in drinking water finalised by OEHHA
Tolerance petitions filed with EPA for several pesticides
EPA releases registration review documents for several pesticide ingredients
EPA BRADs for calcium acetate and 2-methyl-1-butanol
FDA GRAS status for L-arginine and crystalline lutein


Dutch report on reproductive toxicity of ascorbic acid, and hydrogen- and sodium fluoride
NICNAS – Full Public Report on glyceryl glucoside
Potato glycoalkaloid poisoning
FSANZ – risk assessments for β-galactosidase and maltotetraohydrolase
Folic acid in late pregnancy and childhood asthma

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