Volume 50, Number 2

February 2011


Carcinogenic potential of alcohol and ethyl carbamate evaluated by IARC
Joint FAO/WHO conference on bisphenol A (BPA)
OECD provides guidance for investigating endocrine disruptors
Draft OECD guidance on chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity studies
eChemPortal – OECD issues revised version


REACH for a New Year welcome
…ECHA issues updated REACH guidance documents
…Proposals for harmonised classification and labelling
…ECHA recommends that eight SVHCs be subject to authorisation
…Amendment to regulation on test methods applicable to REACH
…Other REACH items of interest
Conclusions on more plant protection products from EFSA
SCCS assessments of ingredients used in hair dyes and other cosmetic products
Pyridoxine hydrochloride as a feed additive – EFSA evaluation
Crude glycerine from biodiesel assessed by EFSA as animal feed component
EFSA considers junior Popeyes’ risk from spinach consumption
Food additive use of allyl isothiocyanate (AITC) evaluated by EFSA
Further flavouring assessment from EFSA
EFSA assesses polyvinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate (PVP/VA) copolymer in supplements
SCCS voices concerns about EPISKIN™ assay
Latest documents from the “ex” European Chemicals Bureau


Defra consultation on contaminated land guidance
SACN considers gluten in infant diet


Finalised NTP report on PCB 118 carcinogenicity study in female rats
NTP draft reports on toxicology and carcinogenesis studies
NIOSH investigates potential dangers of CNTs and CNFs to workers
Health consequences of smoking reviewed by HHS
OEHHA finalises public health goal (PHG) for selenium
Fluoride – EPA proposes RfD while HHS recommends levels in drinking water
EPA releases registration review documents for several more pesticide ingredients
Food labelling health claim for phytosterols and CHD risk assessed by FDA
Public tool for retrieving health and safety data submitted to EPA under TSCA


Hexachlorophene considered by Dutch Health Council
Dutch Health Council proposes new exposure limits for asbestos
Toxicity of fatty acid methyl esters reviewed by IRSST
French and Australian authorities issue guidance on nanomaterials
NICNAS assesses α-glucosyl hesperidin…
…and sodium cocoyl glycinate
Report from APVMA on metrafenone
Ramazzini Institute tests aspartame in mouse carcinogenicity study
FSANZ provides risk assessments for steviol glycosides and calcium lignosulphonate
Danish EPA addresses (Quantitative) Structure-Activity Relationships

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