Volume 47, Number 1

January 2008



IARC verdicts on painting and fire-fighting
More Poisons Information Monographs (PIMs) from IPCS
OECD issues draft guidance for single-dose study (to derive acute reference dose) …
… while existing OECD guidelines achieve celebrity status


SCCP deliberations
… on toluene-2,5-diamine
… on 2-hydroxyethylamino-5-nitroanisole
… on 3-methylamino-4-nitrophenoxyethanol, HC Blue No. 11 and HC Violet No. 2
… and on polidocanol
Biocide evaluations available from EC Environment
Six more pesticide draft assessment reports released by EFSA
EFSA assesses animal feed contamination by chlordane
LLRICE62 – genetically modified rice approved by EFSA  


COM Statement on the mutagenicity of terephthalic acid – new studies considered
Threshold approach to formaldehyde mutagenicity – COM Statement released
Cancer risks from low-level asbestos exposure – WATCH this space
A dusty WATCHing brief
ACNFP November deliberations
Mutagenicity of sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate considered by COM
Caffeine consumption during pregnancy – COT re-evaluates data
COT to assess the not-so-sweet taste of honey with pyrrolizidine alkaloids


IRIS draft toxicological review for 1,2,3-trichloropropane issued by EPA
NTP studies in GM mice – benzene and dicyclohexylcarbodiimide
Ethylbenzene – OEHHA unit risk factor and cancer potency values
EPA High Production Volume (HPV) chemical hazard characterizations
OEHHA derives NSRL for nitromethane
Pesticide tolerance petitions filed with the EPA for quaternary ammonium compounds
Pesticide tolerances issued by the EPA for acetamiprid and ethalfluralin
RED progress announced by EPA
OEHHA proposes child-specific health criteria for chlorpyrifos
NTP CERHR issues Expert Panel report on bisphenol A
FDA extends the food additive use of cetylpyridinium chloride in poultry
FDA GRAS status – no hang-ups for suspended lutein
Alternative methods recommended by ICCVAM for testing chemicals on eyes


DECOS considers HBROEL for platinum and compounds
NICNAS – Full Public Reports on new chemicals
Should ethylene glycol be considered “toxic” under CEPA?
RIVM staff evaluate nanoparticle movements in the body
BfR recommends a specific migration guidance value for di-isobutyl phthalate
RIVM proposals for a respiratory alternative to the LLNA


Developmental neurotoxicity of dimethyltin in rats
Solvents and end stage renal disease (ESRD)
Multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and immune function
Genotoxic blues for human cells exposed to CI Disperse Blue 291
Quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) put through their genotoxicity paces
Unsuccessful attempt to scale perfluoroalkane acids for risk assessment
Adults can also display leaden responses (and some of us do)
Statistics, mercury and autism
Uranium mimics oestrogen in mice
Cancer in hormone-sensitive tissues and acrylamide – are they linked?
Overweight? Blame it on bisphenol A
Developmental toxicity of tebuconazole and epoxiconazole
Reproductive toxicity seen in male mice given zearalenone
Seasonal cheer for Touchi in short-term rat study and genotoxicity assays
Magnolia bark passes muster in safety evaluation studies
Protein glutaminase assessed in 90-day rat study and genotoxicity tests
Salba grain (from Salvia hispanica) may reduce cardiovascular risk in diabetics
Genistein may advance prostate cancer development
Safety evaluation of a DHA-rich algal oil
Bright news on the sunshine vitamin
Harmonisation of skin notation used with occupational exposure limits

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