Volume 48, Number 1

January 2009


Back issues of five more IARC volumes posted on the web
Revised WHO guidelines for potable water
WHO assesses kava
Draft OECD documents on chemical testing guidelines
International conference considers value of genotoxicity tests in risk assessments

Back issues of five more IARC volumes posted on the web
REACH into the New Year with good cheer
…Bumper pre-registration offerings
…Seasonal closures at ECHA
…Updated registration guidance
…ECHA ready for Yuletide quiz
EU risk assessment reports
Risk assessment report on vinyl acetate (VA) evaluated by SCHER
Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) approach unsuitable for cosmetic ingredients?
EFSA opinions on the feed additives 6-phytase (Ronozyme® NP)…
…and acarbose (Advastat®)
Flavouring evaluations from EFSA
EFSA verdicts on food supplement ingredients
Assessments by EFSA of lutein and vitamin K2 for particular nutritional uses
GM maize approved by EFSA  


RCEP nanomaterials report
COT November deliberations
ACNFP considers phosphated distarch phosphate, touchi extract and Clarinol™


Another chemical submission reviewed under the EPA HPV Program
Revised National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for lead finalised by EPA
RIFM assesses terpene alcohols
Throwing light on genotoxic potential of phenylenediamines (PDs)
Pesticide tolerance petitions filed with EPA
Pesticide tolerances and tolerance exemptions granted by EPA
EPA issues Reregistration Eligibility Decisions for several pesticides
FDA databases updated – direct and indirect food additives


MAK Value Documentations
Dutch Health Council reports on prevention of occupational asthma…
…and uncertainty factors in risk assessment
Canadians finalise screening assessment report on bisphenol A
Sangrovit® – naturally a good feed?
FSANZ assessment report on fluoride
Safety evaluation studies on Oligonol, a source of low molecular weight polyphenols


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