OECD Test Guidelines
Proposed changes to ICH guidance on carcinogenicity testing of pharmaceuticals
Draft ICH guideline on photosafety evaluation of pharmaceuticals
Findings released from JECFA’s 76th meeting
Threshold of toxicological concern (TTC)


…Proposals for the harmonised classification and labelling of five chemicals
…RAC adopts opinions on the harmonised classification and labelling of 15 chemicals …
…RAC evaluates the toxicity of epoxiconazole at the request of ECHA’s Executive Director
…RAC concludes on the restriction of Chromium VI in leather compounds
…54 new Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) added to Candidate List for authorisation
…ECHA Practical Guide on qualitative human health assessment
…Updated guidance on reporting robust study summaries
…ECHA guidance on information requirements for physicochemical properties
…CSR illustrative example updated with IUCLID and Chesar data files
…Existing Substances Regulation (ESR) reports now available on ECHA website
…Other items of interest
2012 progress report on chemical safety testing released by AXLR8 Consortium
Eighth EURL ECVAM assesses the 3T3 neutral red uptake (NRU) assay for acute oral toxicity
EFSA provides guidance on the in vivo alkaline comet assay
Low-dose effects – summary report of an EFSA Scientific Colloquium
EFSA re-evaluates the risks of aspartame consumption
EFSA evaluates mercury toxicity
Updated EFSA opinions on genetically modified maize
Chromium yeast assessed by EFSA
Flavouring group evaluations from EFSA
Health effects of niacin, biotin and vitamin B6
EFSA statement on β-carotene use and cancer risk in heavy smokers
EFSA evaluates a perfluoro compound for use in food contact materials
More EFSA work on previous cargoes for edible fats and oils
Vitamin D3 in animal feed – an EFSA assessment
EFSA assesses zinc and copper compounds for animal feed uses
EFSA evaluates safety of chemical groups 6 and 16 as animal feed flavourings
EFSA releases its conclusions on five pesticides
EFSA draft assessment report (DAR) addendum for tebuconazole
Biocide report on cypermethrin from EC Environment
Revision of SCCS guidance on cosmetics safety assessment
SCCS opinions on cosmetics ingredients
Public statements on two herbal products from EMA
ECETOC reviews non-testing techniques for data gap filling
VKM evaluates Cry proteins from genetically modified (GM) plants
DECOS verdict on the carcinogenicity of five compounds
DECOS sets HBROEL for hydroquinone but not benzoquinone
Health Council of the Netherlands reviews the reproductive toxicity of tellurium
Danish-led collaboration extols the merits of the minipig in toxicological testing
Modifying the Ames mutation test for nanoparticles


COT December deliberations
Proposal to extend general toxicity tests in rodents to cover male fertility


US EPA drafts five chemical risk assessments under TSCA
US EPA pushes forward with Chemical Safety for Sustainability research framework
Final ATSDR toxicological profiles and addenda to existing profiles
Outcome of the 125th meeting of the CIR Expert Panel …
… and publication of previous cosmetic safety assessments in the peer-reviewed literature
FDA GRAS status for several food ingredients
NRC assesses potential health risks to firing-range personnel from recurrent lead exposure
Possible ‘low-dose’ effects of DEHP?


Health Canada evaluates nitrogen compounds in drinking water
Canadian assessment of decabromodiphenyl ether (decaBDE)
Short-chain fructo-ogliosaccharides assessed by FSANZ
Review of cyflufenamid by APVMA

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