OECD updates test guidelines (TGs)
OECD QSAR Toolbox version 3.2 now available
JECFA findings on food additives and contaminants
JECFA summary and conclusions on veterinary drug residues in food
Full report of JMPR’s 2013 meeting
IARC monographs 105 and 106
New WHO document for aircraft insecticides


… ECHA updates guidance on the application of the CLP Criteria
… Updated guidance for downstream users and on the compilation of safety data sheets            
… Candidate list updated with seven new substances of very high concern (SVHCs)
… Amended Annex XV restriction report for cadmium in paints
… First conclusions on substance evaluation under CoRAP
… ECHA’s Committee for Risk Assessment adopts opinions on eight chemicals
… Harmonised classification and labelling proposals
… Danish EPA utilises quantitative structure-activity relationships on REACH substances
… Other items of interest
Biocial Products Regulation
… New guidance published for human health risk assessment of biocides            
… First BPR public consultations launched on biocidal active substances
EC publishes CPSR guidelines
JRC launches new food exposure tool
ECVAM finalises recommendations on in vitro carcinogenicity and skin sensitisation assays
ECVAM strategy on reducing animal testing for genotoxicity
EFSA Nano Network details 2013 research outcomes
EFSA recommendation on cumulative risk assessment of pesticide mixtures
Two literature reviews on food allergy submitted to EFSA
EFSA considers Ephedra preparations a safety concern
EFSA re-evaluates aspartame
EFSA assesses genetically modified soybean
EFSA opinion on developmental neurotoxicity potential of two pesticides
EFSA draft assessment reports (DARs) on pesticides
More pesticide conclusions from EFSA
ADIs and drinking water guideline values from BfR for pesticides              
Danish EPA investigates endocrine disrupting potential of pesticides
Danish EPA evaluations of environmental chemicals
ECETOC considers safety of antidotes for cyanide poisoning
SCENIHR publishes preliminary opinion on safety of nanosilver
Herbal product assessments from EMA
Opinions on cosmetics ingredients from SCCS
RIVM assesses sensitisation from hair dye ingredient p-phenylenediamine (PPD)
VKM considers safe upper limit of vitamin A in cosmetics
Dutch Health Council finalises reports on occupational chemicals
Biocide report on copper sulphate from EC Environment              
Norwegian risk assessment of three sweeteners and a preservative


UK Committee on Toxicity (COT) December meeting



Outcome of the 129th meeting of the CIR Expert Panel
US EPA issues draft integrated science assessment (ISA) for nitrogen oxides
Final Texan development support documents (DSDs) on two air contaminants
FDA accepts GRAS status for four food ingredients


Canadian assessment of tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA)
Dimethyl phthalate (DMP) assessed by NICNAS

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