JECFA summary and conclusions on food additives

JMPR’s evaluates pesticide residues

IARC assessments of diazinon and malathion

IARC evaluates air pollution

OECD drafts updates for inhalation toxicity test guidelines…

…and issues guidance document on revised genotoxicity tests




…Clarification on data-sharing under REACH

…RAC and SEAC release opinions on the restriction of chemicals

…Authorisation opinions from RAC and SEAC

…Five substances of very high concern (SVHCs) added to ECHA’s Candidate List

…Proposed addition of HDDA to the Candidate List

…Other items of interest

Classification and labelling…

…Proposals for harmonised classification and labelling

…RAC opinions on classification and labelling

…ECHA guidance on packaging and labelling

Biocidal Products Regulation

…Biocidal Products Committee (BPC) adopts opinions on seven active substances

…ECHA announces 2016 deadlines for the authorisation of biocidal products

…Public consultation on candidates for substitution

…Draft guidance on the efficacy assessment of disinfectants

EFSA concludes on diquat

EFSA draft assessment reports (DARs) on four pesticides

Food additives evaluated by EFSA

EFSA assessments of animal feed additives

EFSA evaluates the health risks of phorbol esters in animal feed

Herbal product assessments from EMA

SCCS opinions on cosmetic ingredients

SCCS report on human skin sensitisation data

Danish EPA releases toxicity report on carbon nanotubes

DECOS carcinogenicity reports on chromium (VI) compounds and 4,4’-methylenedianiline (MDA)



COM statement on the mutagenicity of ethanol and acetaldehyde

COC report on the risk of cancer from alcohol consumption

COT issues reviews from the December meeting…

…and releases a statement on PBBs



EPA drafts new guidelines on exposure assessment

EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) considers benzo[a]pyrene

US EPA issues draft Integrated Science Assessment (ISA) for sulfur oxides

EPA releases revised human health risk assessment of tetrachlorvinphos

NTP issues new toxicology and carcinogenicity reports

TCEQ issues new Development Support Documents (DSDs)

Outcome of the 137th meeting of the CIR Expert Panel



Health Canada evaluation report on metofluthrin

TGA final decisions on chemicals

NICNAS releases reports on industrial chemicals

APVMA issues public release summaries on four substances