Volume 45, Number 7

July 2006 



CICAD on cobalt and inorganic cobalt compounds
OECD not yet ready to take carcinogenic potency on board
Report of the 64th JECFA meeting…
… swiftly followed by JECFA’s (draft) 65th


SCHER deliberations…
… on 4-methyl-meta-phenylenediamine (or toluene-2,4-diamine)
… 2,4,4-trimethylpentene
… nickel and its salts
… and hexachlorocyclopentadiene, ethylbenzene and 2-methoxy-1-methylethyl acetate
SCCP opinions on hair dye ingredients…
… and cosmetic ingredients
SCCP guidance on a testing strategy for genotoxicity of oxidative hair dyes…
… on in vitro assessment of dermal absorption of cosmetic ingredients
… and on human studies for tooth whitening products
Formetanate, cadusafos, ethephon and carbaryl assessed by EFSA
Dossiers for biocidal products – Directive 98/8/EC amended
EFSA assesses the risks of ochratoxin A
EC consults on food safety issues


COM May deliberations
Draft COT recommendations on tolerable daily intakes for PFOS and PFOA…
… but not for paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) toxins
FSA draft report on nanotechnologies
Lindane’s environmental effects – ACP assessment


CERHR draft NTP Brief on the potential reproductive and developmental effects of DEHP
NIOSH criteria standard – occupational exposure to refractory ceramic fibres
EPA draft risk assessment of potential human effects from PFOA – SAB review
OEHHA adds ETS to list of chemicals that cause reproductive harm
CIR Scientific Literature Review for corny cosmetic ingredients
Pesticide petitions filed with the EPA
EPA pesticide tolerances
EPA risk assessments for aldicarb, azinphos-methyl and phosmet
Colourful (?) FDA approval for titanium dioxide coated mica-based pearlescent pigments
Toxicological testing for food additives – FDA recommendations
FDA considers thresholds for major food allergens and for gluten in food


Phthalates and male reproductive development
Susceptibility of newborn rats to 3-ethylphenol and 4-ethylphenol
Is there a link between cerium and heart disease?
The Bay Bridge Project – a toll on welders exposed to manganese fumes?
A family affair – genetic predisposition to cancer from erionite exposure
Mutagenic potential of madder root dyed wool
Developmental toxicity of α-methyl-3,4-methylene-dioxyhydrocinnamic aldehyde in rats
No light on octocrylene allergic response
Combined effect of nitrogen dioxide and house dust mites in triggering asthma
Chromosome damage in sheep treated orally with tolylfluanid
The future of agrichemical testing, as seen by the International Life Sciences Institute
Morin – a 13-week testing time for rats
Reassuring 13-week study on galactooligosaccharides syrup
Safety evaluation of chitooligomers
Vitamin D, calcium and diabetes
Coffee, tea and older bones – keep your calcium up
Curcumin curries no favour with DNA
Hearty news on tamarind
Testosterone levels in young men consuming high-isoflavone soy protein
Cholesterol-lowering effect of phytostanol supplements…
… and of apple polyphenols
A chocolate coated heart
More good news on red wine
Alcohol consumption and allergy
Vegetables and throat cancer
Processed meat, nitrosamines and stomach cancer
Cooking fumes and huge lung cancer risk
Cheese lowers the glycaemic index (GI) of potatoes
Buckwheat and poppy seed cross-sensitization
Allergic reaction to Mediterranean fan palm

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