Volume 46, Number 7

July 2007 



Draft SIDS Initial Assessment Reports (SIARs)
UNEP POPs programme – POPRC reports issued
OECD’s new internet gateway

REACH in force – Honey, I shrank the REACH regulation
Tobacco product ingredients – report issued by European Commission
EFSA assesses animal feed contamination by heptachlor …
… and pyrrolizidine alkaloids
Provisional EFSA statement on melamine contamination of food and feed
EFSA assesses L-pidolic acid salts for particular nutritional purposes …
… as well as d-α-tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate (TPGS)
… and calcium ascorbate with a touch of threonate
EFSA evaluates the potential allergenicity of certain food additives and ingredients
ECVAM validation studies 


ACNFP – May discussions on noni and glucosamine
Draft ACNFP opinions on refined echium oil and baobab dried fruit pulp
Selenium health effects reviewed by SACN
SACN Position Statement on vitamin D
FSA discusses folate options
HPA reviews on developmental toxicity and neurotoxicity


IRIS draft toxicological review for bromobenzene issued by EPA
Bromodichloromethane and dichloroacetic acid – NTP studies in GM mice
Development of ATSDR draft Toxicological Profiles
REDs and related assessment documents issued by EPA for various pesticides
Interim risk assessment on melamine issued by FDA
FDA GRAS status for xanthan gum (reduced pyruvate)
Replacing saturated with unsaturated fats – FDA health claim on risk of heart disease


DECOS carcinogenicity and genotoxicity draft reports
FSANZ safety assessments


Liver and kidney targeted by ethylbenzene in 90-day rat feeding study
Roaming styrene trimers affect reproductive development in male rats
Obesity and phthalates – is there a connection?
Phenol-induced hypothermia gives mouse chromosomes the shivers
Occupational exposure to bitumen
Carpet layer laid low by talc-induced lung damage?
Developmental neurotoxicology in young rats receiving vanadium …
… and in newborn mice given decabromodiphenyl ether
Span 60 and Tween 60 – illuminating contact dermatitis report
Developmental study on methylsulphonylmethane
Zapotin zaps potential colon tumours in mice
Luo Han Guo (monk fruit) extract tested in 90-day rat study
Diacylglycerol may promote tongue tumours
Conjugated linoleic acid … may help weight loss
… but one isomer has been linked with breast cancer development in mice
School children pay attention with PUFAs
Eicosapentaenoic acid guilty of ageism in providing cardiovascular benefits
The jury’s still out in the case of folic acid vs colon cancer
Selenium supplementation and adult asthma – disappointing results
Total recall with epicatechin?
Health benefits of phytoestrogens assessed
Study with soy isoflavonoids finds no effect on the reproductive tract of male monkeys
Grapes – pick of the bunch for protection against breast cancer?
Red potato flakes – a colourful way to quell those free radicals?
Prevalence of peanut allergy in school children since government avoidance advice
Fruit cocktail may help prevent childhood asthma and allergic disease
Alternative methods for assessing the risk of developmental neurotoxicants
Gene expression – speedier identification of carcinogens


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