Volume 45, Number 6

June 2006 



SIDS Initial Assessment Reports (SIARs) – draft assessments on several chemicals
Screening Information Data Sets (SIDS)
OECD workshop on the safety assessment of nanomaterials
JMPR pesticides report


EU risk assessment report on phenol
EFSA verdict on the Guidance Document on AOELs for plant protection products
Lessons learned from EFSA risk assessments?
EFSA risk assessment of dichlorvos
Fipronil and ethoprophos assessed by EFSA
Plant protection products and Directive 91/414/EEC
An organic selenium for feed additive use evaluated by EFSA
EFSA evaluations of enzymatic feed additives
Silage additives – EFSA guideline on safety assessment
Sweet news for aspartame from EFSA
Compilation of Tolerable Upper Intake Levels for micronutrients issued by EFSA
Another genetically modified (GM) maize gets EFSA approval


Cosmetics regulations
Mercury in measuring devices
Crop spraying and health of residents and bystanders – COT and COC statement
Maximum residue levels for pesticides
Biocidal products – HSC consultation
Food contact legislation – ceramics
COT statement on dioxin and other contaminants in fish – no change needed for FSA recommendation
Fishy FSA advice on mercury


More NTP nominations
OEHHA proposes child specific health criteria for manganese and pentachlorophenol
Air quality criteria for lead and sulphur oxides – EPA asks public to air views
OEHHA ARB review the Ambient Air Quality Standard for nitrogen dioxide
Bumper crop of pesticide petitions filed with the EPA
EPA pesticide tolerances and exemptions
EPA risk assessments of pesticides
Proposition 65 – OEHHA drafts revisions to regulatory text for the reproductive toxin DEHP
NTP-CERHR expert panel reports on genistein and soy formula
FDA considers qualified health claims for green tea and partially hydrolysed whey protein
FDA GRAS letters on L(+) tartaric acid, isomaltulose, volatile mustard oil and phytosterols
Food Chemicals Codex – First supplement to the Fifth Edition


Malachite green residues in fish – not an Antipodean health risk


Carbon disulfide exposure – not for the faint-hearted
Take a whiff of this – an inhalation study on dimethyl disulfide
Latex-related sensitization and occupational asthma – prevention is better than cure
Occupational asthma to thiamphenicol…
… and to Korean ginseng and Sanyak dusts
Patch test-induced sensitization to para-phenylenediamine (PPD)
On the scent of allergy-inducing toilet paper (camomile-essence)
Lung cancer in ‘never smokers’ – the role of dust and passive smoking
Metals and endocrine disruption
Testing for endocrine disrupters
PCBs, phthalates and endometriosis
TEF approach possibly misleading for the dioxin OCDD
Synergistic DNA-damaging effect of fungal mycotoxins
Handling peanuts may be a risky business
Dichlorvos is not carcinogenic … or is it?
Table salt and stomach cancer
More vinegar on the chips?
Folic acid supplements may not help against breast cancer
Calcium supplements may benefit some pregnant mothers
Black rice constituents and cancer
Consumption of coffee or green tea decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes
The good news for coffee lovers just keeps on coming
Coffee, tea and caffeine – no cause for heartache
Jury still out on effects of caffeine consumption during pregnancy
Chafuroside from oolong tea may help combat colon cancer
Meat and green vegetable intake and the risk of colorectal cancer
Keep calm with egg white hydrolysate?
Further evidence for the benefits of olive oil
Fermented milk products, dried soup powders and breast cancer risk
Lycopene, tomato products and prostate cancer risk
Some rats behave better on grape juice
A red wine tipple is good for your cholesterol profile
Glycemic index (GI) and eye disease

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